Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year.

Start as you mean to go on.

First day of 2012: music, clapping, crawling & squealing with delight with Frankie, food & fun with good friends. Taking out the garbage/recycling when it is full instead of trying to smush one. more. thing. into it. Picking up old projects & breathing new life into them. Spending time with my guy (even though he didn't even know I was there). Seems like every year since 2007, I've said 'Lets hope next year is better/our year!' Well, I am done with saying that because it never seems to really happen. Instead, I'm going into 2012 with some key goals:

Keep it Simple.
Keep it Sincere.
Keep it Tidy.

I rang in the new year alone. I had a couple different offers, but I wanted to be by myself. Frankie proved to be a lightweight & was passed out fast asleep by 6:15. My best pals came over for a bit before heading to our friend's party & then I spent the night knitting & watching Electric Circus (augh!). I had other plans for the night that never materialized: make room in our 'studio' for a guest bed, purge some yarn & fabric from my stash, cut my hair, have a drink & give myself some bangs... but the night got eaten up quickly & it turned out my suspicions about New Years Eve have been right all along - it's just another night. You don't cease to exist if you (gasp!) don't *do* anything!

I called Gord's room at 11:55 so I could hear his voice & wish him a Happy New Year. His friend Matt was there, which comforted me a lot (thank you, Matt!). The days since I wrote about his good days have been more of the same. Still extremely tired, but at least now able to listen in on conversations & offer the odd comment... or smile... or eye roll. So at 12 o'clock he was there, in my ear & in my heart, wishing me a Happy New Year. "This has been one crazy year, Nicky." "Yeah, lets make this one a little more mellow."


  1. We sincerely wish you, Gord, Frankie and your family the very best in the coming months. Your positive attitude is admirable, and, will help get you through whatever may lie ahead.
    Pat & Mike Cornish

  2. Sending all the best wishes of a New Year to you, Gord & Frankie. All the Lines clan is thinking of you folks & sending their thoughts of support.

    <3 Stacey