Sunday, November 20, 2011


"Mr High, did they get a sputum sample from you?" The nurse asks.
"Oh yes" says Gord, "They got samples of everything. They got so many samples from me they could make a remix."
Folks, he's still hilarious.

Gord is tucked nice & cozy at PMH. He's making little bits of progress - his kidneys are working (thankyouthankyouthankyou), he hasn't vomited in days, his blood pressure is nice & normal, his heart rate is good.

One of the transplant Drs came by today & told us that his blood cultures showed that he had 'picked up 2 bugs' - he didn't say what they were, only that they'd give him more antibiotics to help get rid of them. This really emphasizes how vulnerable Gord is to illness post-transplant. In the week and a half that he was home he only left the apartment to go to clinic (which was twice a week) he still managed to pick up 2 different bugs.

He's still pretty weak & tired and his diarrhea is next on the 'to fix' list, but he's feeling a little bit better day by day. As one nurse put it: 'This is transplant'.

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