Monday, December 12, 2011

I guess nearly 24 straight hours of rest was what I needed. I started feeling better yesterday morning & was able to get back here to be with Gord by Monday mid-morning. I still feel a little queasy, so I'm not leaning in for any kisses, but I've pulled the chair right up close to the bed & we've lowered the side rail & it's almost *almost* like we're snuggled in together at home.

Except for the Constant Observer in the corner.
Gord has had a sitter in the room with him 24/7 since last Wednesday - someone to just keep watch over him, make sure things are okay.

He got doped up on some Benadryl this morning to prepare for his second dose of Campath - the GvHD fighting drug he gets once every 2 weeks. He has slept for most of the day, but it's a peaceful sleep - I turned on a buddha machine someone has left here and the sun is setting and it feels so nice here right now. Quiet & peaceful. I've spent a lot of the past week wondering what Gord is going through in his mind. Hopefully he'd think it was even a little funny that Lightfoot's 'If You Could Read My Mind' has been playing pretty much constantly in my head while I stare at him. Well, that and a medley of raffi songs. Frances was given her very first raffi CD a couple of weeks ago & of course she loves it. When I put it in the stereo, my eyes welled up. We've been her parents for a whole 8 months now & sure she is real & ours, but now that we have *baby music* it made it so much more real. While my eyes welled up, her eyes went directly to the turntable, wondering why it wasn't spinning around. She loves watching records play & gets confused by CDs. She's so much Gord + Me. It's mind boggling.
So while I sit in the room with Gord, I have 'We're Going to the Zoo!' on repeat in my head. 'You can come too, too, too.'

The Dr said Gord's Kidney & Liver numbers are still doing okay & that he's still holding his own. At this point, I will take any tiny improvement with absolute pleasure. One thing of note: turns out there was some mis-information on the weekend about what Gord can eat. A nurse mistakenly said he was on PD diet #3, but he is still on diet #1, which is still sugar-free juice & jello. Sad news for Gord since he asked me so nicely for a Coke & made such a sad face when he was told he couldn't have one. When this is over, I'll turn a blind eye to all the soda he wants to drink.

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  1. Hi Gord,
    How are you doing today ? APS party is on today. We wish you can join us as you did last year.. get well soon, my dear friend