Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm sick. I'm full blown throwing up, achy bones, exhausted sick.

I've spent the day sleeping at my parent's house while they take care of Frances. I hate that this is happening - I'll have to wait a full 24 hours after I don't have any symptoms before I can go back to visit Gord. This is killing me.
His mom went today & had only good things to report - speaking in full sentences to people, asking for candy (and was told he could have jellybeans cut in half), and was even given the go-ahead for plain mashed potatoes, which a friend hopped on the case of & made some for him. The next time we heard from Arlene, it was to say that she, too was sick & throwing up. I guess we got the same thing & the only person I can think of that we caught it from is about 18lbs, has blonde hair & blue eyes. Frankie is just coming out of being sick - my guess is that I caught it from her. I pray that I have not passed this onto Gord in some way.

On the bright side, I have slept for about 10 hours today & am just gearing up to go back to bed. This is the most sleep I've had in 8 months.


  1. Dear Gordon,

    You are in my prayers dear friend. Get well soon so we can talk again about how to plan for an uprising in Toronto.

    Your Pal


  2. Hi Nicole. I'm a friend of Chris', think I met gord twice. He shared this link with me and I've been following along this week. It's wonderful to hear about gord's improvements, and heartbreaking to hear about the bad days. I wish you both the best of help and am keeping Gord in my daily thoughts. I hope your family is together again soon, happy & healthy!

  3. Sometimes the universe has a way of forcing us to stop and rest. You deserve to be taken care of too!
    Gord is fighting hard and winning. I'm so grateful for you and Frances and your wonderful and amazing mom and dad.

    xo Lor

  4. Hi Nicole,
    Sorry you're sick but glad that you're being well cared for. And great news re Gord's progress!!!!

    Many people here at the Ceeb are asking if it's possible to visit the hospital (if they're healthy of course). Is that an option?


  5. Whoops, just saw the post below, I'll pass on the word that only health visitors are welcome :)

    That means I'm out unfortunately because we've been fighting a stream of messy cold bugs in our house but give him a huge hug from me please (once you're better too).


  6. Hi Nicole

    Thanks so much for keeping us looped in with the GUnit's progress.

    stay strong and let me know if there's anything I can do to help.


  7. Hey Nicole!

    You get yourself better, woman!