Friday, December 9, 2011

Punkstable McMailbox.

Today has been a good day.

Since my last post, there's been such a wonderful outpouring of love & support to both Gord & I. In the last couple of days there has been a near constant stream of friends dropping by to give Gord their positive energies. And you know what? I think it's working.

The sign-in book at the nurse's station reads like the most popular kid in school's high school yearbook. Today several people came by just to give Gord their best & it obviously had a good effect on him. The confusion he was experiencing in the last few days seems to be lifting - he was with it enough to ask for a pen & paper & scratch out 'GET ME THE HEEELL OUT OF HERE! WE NEED A WHEELCHAIR!" Also overheard today was 'Punkstable McMailbox' which I think should be the name of his next music project.

Both his liver & kidney numbers have gone down a little & the transplant team have decided to put him back on anti-rejection meds (not the same one as before, but this is very good news). His diarrhea is lessening & he's not on nearly as many pain meds. All such wonderful news.

A note to those of you who may be thinking of visiting - Gord's immune system is *extremely* vulnerable at this time. If you are planning on seeing him, please be sure that you are absolutely, positively in tip-top shape. No colds, runny noses, sore throats. Our guy is working double-time to get better & is exhausted, follow his lead & visit accordingly & keep those good vibes coming.


  1. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GORD!!! Go you!! and of course go Frankie. This is the best ever. xoxox

  2. Punkstable McMailbox is such an archetypal Gordism. :)

    It was so good to see his numbers and his spirits both up. Will be thinking of him non-stop. Super love to all of you.

  3. Love you guys!! So happy to see that today was a good day! Keep 'em coming! Stay strong! We are here for you!
    Love and hugs!! Xoxo
    Kim, Mario and Anthony

  4. waiting for my cold to clear out - virtual hugs in the meanwhile and a little dance of joy at the news!

  5. This was such a great news. Keep on going Gord

  6. sweet !!! so happy to hear some good things now..The power of love and spirit really can do some good. We're still "on it" Nicky, not to worry we won't quit until he's home playing with Frankie on the floor. A. Kathy xoxox

  7. So happy to hear the good news Nicole! We are thinking of you everyday and sending lots of love from Orillia. xo Naomi

  8. Best news of the day!! So so happy to read this :-). Gord is a street fightin man!!

  9. Yay! So happy to hear good news! Hang in there, we're sending you lots of good thoughts from down here (those don't carry germs!)

    -Sarah (wannabeinkling) and Lucy

  10. Am thinking a lot about Gord and all of you guys. I wish I was closer. Tough fellow, our Gord.
    Lots of love, Mary