Wednesday, December 7, 2011


If you know Gord personally, you know what a sharp tack he is, which is why it's so hard to see what's happening to him now.

Since Monday morning, he's become more & more confused. Muddy. His timelines are screwy, he's saying things that don't make a whole lot of sense & he just doesn't seem *here*.  This morning they did a CT scan of his brain to see if the confusion was caused by his main anti-rejection medication. Apparently Cyclosporine can cause something called 'Press' (I think? I am zombie brain) which causes lots of confusion in some people. He was taken off it yesterday just in case. The Dr came to tell us that from what he can make out of the scan, the Cyclosporine isn't the cause of confusion. When I asked what it could be, he told me Gord's kidneys & liver aren't functioning properly (his creatine levels are starting to go way back up) which can cause brain confusion also, he's on very high doses of steroids, which could be the cause. When I asked if he'd be put back on the Cyclosporine, the answer was 'No, not right now.' I was also told that that's a big deal, since it's the main anti-rejection drug.

I think it's time to get pretty real about what's happening here. Gord has Stage 4 GvHD of the Gut & now the Liver. He's on everything that he can be on to try & get it under control. In short, like in the movies - 'They are doing everything they can.' Now, I've seen Gord bounce back from some pretty major stuff, so I'm not giving up hope, and neither are the Drs, and neither should you. But lets focus our good energies even more on Mr High, shall we?


  1. Love you Nicole...this is the ultimate in "hard times"...we are all praying and thinking of Gord throughout the day and night. He's a tough dude ! and you've been with him through it all. The angels will bless you Nicole, have the faith - Nana and Papa are here, I know it - they've saved me a few times, they will save you too. Love you tons, more than words can say...A.Kathy xoxox

  2. Good words Kathy. I'd like to echo them. Our guy is as tough as they come but we all need to focus our energy on him right now.

  3. So, so much love and concern for everyone.

  4. Hi Nicole - Just checking in again. Sorry to hear things aren't getting any better yet. As YOU know, Gord is a fighter & he knew this wasn't going to be easy - But he knew he could do it & will.
    Definitely sending every positive thought I have, your way!! Give that cute little Frankie a big squish from me too!

  5. I'm sending all the good energies I have, and thinking about your little family all the time. Gord is the toughest person around, he can get through this. He will. xoxoxo Nicole

  6. Hey Nicole, it's Chris Colohan. Kent told me what was up and steered me here. So sorry to see you two have to fight through this but wanted to say hi and good luck. If you want to talk at any point, drop me a line. Take care.

  7. Stay strong, Nicole. My thoughts are with you, Gord and Frankie. I'm sorry that you and Gord have to go through so many challenges, you are certainly proving that you are strong, enduring and endearing.
    Your blog posts are so heartfelt and eloquent. I wish you were writing about happy & funny things, but I am appreciate you sharing your experiences with us.

    Sending positive vibes your way. BIG HUGS!!!

    Lisa Major

  8. I ordered Gord some special, organic mixed nuts online just now, so you tell him he can't go anywhere!

    Mel xoxo

  9. Love, love , love----such love and strength--in you, and being sent from out here on the Eastest Coast.

  10. Thinking of you guys 24/7 and sending positive vibes your way.

    Love you!

  11. Frank and I are sending you guys positive vibes and air hugs around the clock! We love you guys so so much! xoxoxo

  12. Hi Nicole and Gord. As always, each and every day our thoughts and most positive vibes are with you and Gord. Also have you on more than one prayer list - covering all bases and praying that they all combine to work. You are one brave team and the rest of us won't let you down. Auntie Sue xoxo

  13. Thinking of you guys all the time. Stay Strong! We are sending love and positive thoughts your way. love and hugs xoxo
    Kim, Mario and Anthony

  14. Hi Nicole and Gord, sending lots of love and strength to both of you.
    Nathalie (the Belgian one)

  15. Hi Nicole, Hi Gord
    Wish you the best from the bottom of my heart. We miss Gord so much in CBC

  16. Ahhhh Nicole,

    Tell him enough is enough, get the heck outta that hospital and get back to the CBC! We need and miss him like crazy! It's not the same without him. Tell him they're reviving the Frequency Guide!!!! That'll get his attention.


  17. Nicole, Gord and Frankie,

    My heart goes out to your family!! I will be crossing my toes, my fingers, my fiance's toes, his fingers and my cat's paws for you!!

    Just remember that we're all here, thinking of you and sending hundreds and thousands of happy thoughts!!

    We miss you Gord, please get well SOON!!


  18. tell gord i've sent in a ticket to all the hindu gods!

    and dressings

  19. Hi Nicole and Gord,
    Sending you both lots of positive energy and love from my mom (Barbara) and I. Barbara is a cancer survivor, and she is wishing for you to be strong and keep fighting.

  20. let's go gordie! we need some more drum & bass, electronic, reggae and real old school hip hop knowledge dropped on us! i'm counting on ya!

    besides we still have to get mia and marcus to meet frankie as well as myself!

    we'll see you soon brother. get soon FAST!

    Jason Mendoza

  21. Hey,

    Keep up the fight, get better.


  22. Let's go Gord!! I know that there's a lot more of your tracks that I gotta listen to.

    We're with you

  23. Gord, my friend, you are in my thoughts. Hope you are feeling better soon so we can jam on the git-box's and crack some jokes again. You have been missed a ton at the office. Love ya buddy.


  24. Nicole, we've never met, but I wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you and Gord. He's a great guy and he deserves the love that everybody has for him.


  25. Hey Gord, Nicole n' wee babe -

    I'm thinkin' of you all & sendin' all the good health vibes I can your way. The whole Lines clan is in on it too! Its a total Lines-Care-Bear-Health-Stare! <3 <3 <3

    Continue to fight n' kick ass, Gord! Get better ASAP dang-nab-it!

    I look forward to seein' yah in your classic Charlie Brown costume next year here on the 9th floor.

    ~Stacey <3

  26. Hi Nicole and Gord,
    My heart goes out to you and your family. Gord, please get well soon, we all miss you here at CBC


  27. Kevin O&#39;GormanDecember 9, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Hi Gord, Nicole, we're all thinking of you in casa del Kev. Keep fighting, it's one last battle and then you're golden.

  28. Sending Gord, you and Frankie my prayers and positive thoughts. I agree with all the other Ceeb'ers - hoping Gord is better and back soon!


  29. Hi Nicole,

    We haven't met but Gord is one of the most awesome individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I was going through my own illness when we worked together, not nearly as serious as his, and Gord would go out of his way to talk to me and encourage me.

    Gordie... you're in my thoughts and I'm putting out massive healing vibes for you my friend :)


  30. Gord! I totally, its my birthday today! The BIG 32 - KICK ASS!! ...I was born on my dad's birthday - that HAS to be extra lucky!

    I made my birthday wish. I can't tell you, Nicole or ANYONE my wish or it won't come true.

    But, again - the Lines crew is at your back so lets all kick ass and you get better asap!

    Stacey <3

  31. Gord, I am coming back to CBC in January (yes, again!) Sending you the strength and the courage to get well & get back fast!

  32. Nice to have been pointed to this blog. Gord is a bright spot in team CBC and the world for sure. My thoughts are with him, his family and the old team.

    Get well Gord.


  33. Hey Nicole, Gord,
    everyone @ the Ceeb is rooting for you.

    Get well. Eat jelly beans. Lay down some beats.

    Wishing the best to you and your family.


  34. Hi Gord,

    Keep fighting the fight! You're one of the bravest people I know:)

    Best Wishes,