Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In the key of P.

I have been so immersed in my own life, in just being with Gord & focusing on Gord that I don't think Paul's passing *really* registered with me until I was standing in a room with Gord's family, waiting to be piped into the chapel by my father & the funeral director confirmed with Arlene that Paul's Harmonica was to be placed on top of his urn. That's when I was snapped out of my bubble, the bubble of home. hospital. repeat. It was time to say my goodbyes to someone I have grown to love very much.

The service was a touching & hilarious look back at a man that will definitely live on in the many, many stories there are to tell about him.  Through the magic of technology, Gord was able to watch the entire service from his bed at PMH - Lorraine skyped him on her iphone. As a friend of his said when I told him about it 'Of course! That's so Gord!'

A life with music is the best kind. Paul's 'after party' (what's that part called? the Wake?) was basically a band jam - filling the Optimist Club with music & I danced with Frances in my arms & so did practically everyone else in the room - she was SO! HAPPY! it was a great celebration of her Grandpa.

When my mom & I got back to Toronto, I went immediately to be with Gord. He's hanging in there - staying steady. There were times in the last month where I joked that if there was a split screen of both Paul & Gord, they'd be doing the *exact* same things at the *exact* same times. Gord is so much like his dad, I have been praying that he's got the same bouncebackability. Gordie's got a new energy in his voice this week & I have a feeling he's getting some help from his old man, coaching him from the sidelines.

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