Wednesday, January 18, 2012

from our family..

Dear Friends and Family, we would like to sincerely and with heartfelt gratitude thank all those who have through kindness and caring comforted Nicole, the High and the Winer families in this time of grief.  Your thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated.
Many have been asking how they can best help Nicole and baby Frankie in a meaningful way. The family is extremely grateful for this collective outpouring of concern and is setting up an Education and Care Fund for Frankie.
Those who wish to contribute to helping to contribute to Frankie’s future can make a personal donation to Nicole. All funds collected will be going directly to securing the well-being and care of young Frances. There will be an envelope located at the visitation throughout Sunday for convenience.
Again, thank you to family and friends who have expressed their condolences. Though we can never replace the loss of Gord’s light from our lives, we have a beautiful living reminder of the love he brought to us and to this world and for that  we will always be endlessly thankful.

Visitation will be at the Cresmount Funeral Home, 322 Fennell Avenue East, Hamilton on Sunday January 22nd, 2-4pm and 7-9pm. Interment will be held Monday January 23rd, 11:00am, at Cresmount 322 Fennell Avenue East, followed by a celebration of Gord's life, friends and family at the 1020 Upper James St Cresmount location also in Hamilton. For additional information:

With Love,
The Winer and High Families

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