Monday, January 16, 2012


Gord High.
Jan 22, 1971 - Jan 16, 2012.


  1. Oh Nicole, my heart aches.

  2. Dear Nicole,
    i am so sorry and heart broken to hear about gord. my deepest condolences to youi wished i could have spoken to him one last time,
    Gordon was the best music buddy that i ever had. those late night sessions in tokyo were the best musical experiences i've ever had in my life. i know what its like to lose someone who means the world to you, it hurts so bad
    and never really gets better. may god rest his soul.

  3. thanks gordie, we'll miss you



  4. Dear Nicole,
    Alanna and I used to say that the "M" button on the PMH elevators stood for "MUST ESCAPE"
    I truly believe that heaven has just accepted the coolest angel and they are no doubt listening to Gord's tunes!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us during a time most could not bare to imagine. And I am so thankful for this picture you posted of Gord...This is the way I see him - with that warm,calm,sincere smile... breathing in FRESH air.
    Hug Frankie tight and know that you have our deepest sympathy.
    Love, Leslie & Alanna Houston

  5. :( my heart goes out to you and Frances - lots of love coming your way...

  6. Thanks for everything Gord. It's rare to meet a person like you, and I feel blessed that you were part of my life.
    Rest in peace brother.

  7. Our deepest sympathies.

    bleplatt, calliope, and sarah

  8. I will miss you Gord. And yes, you were "one of the good ones". Until the next time... Melissa

  9. I'm so sorry Nicole. You & Gord have been in my thoughts every day lately. So much love for you and Frankie.
    - Courtney (g*)

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss Nicole and Frankie.

  11. Nicole -
    I am an absolute stranger to you, but have been following your blog, your story, your amazing love story. I am so utterly sorry for your loss. May you and Frankie heal together through the love Gord had for you and the love of those he's left behind.

  12. Nicole....
    there are no words....
    we do know and share your pain...
    this is a loss that we feel with you and Gord's family....
    when our David died, little did we realise we would soon be losing important links to him. He and Gord shared so much music together at Guelph. Gord was always in his heart..I know they will be together in spirit forever..
    Gord will always be in our hearts...
    with much admiration for your courage Nicole...
    Anita & David Blackwood

  13. Good journey, Gord. There are about a thousand people on earth who are keeping you in their hearts and memories. And all of us wish you could've stayed longer.


  14. Sincerest thoughts and sympathies to you Nicole, and Frankie, and family. I'm so sorry.

  15. I’ll miss you Gord.

    I was lucky enough to spend some time with Gord just a few days ago...A nice memory I’ll always have from that last visit with him...There was a bunch of us in his hospital room and Gord was anticipating watching the season premiere of “Republic Of Doyle”. And then his TV wouldn’t come on! We were all determined to figure out how to get his TV working so that he could watch it. After much discussion about why the ON button on the TV wasn’t working or what that strange cord on the end of the remote plugged into, and even a trip to the nurses station, the picture finally came up when Nicole simply hit the ON button on the remote control. I think everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief...Gord was going to be able to enjoy his show. He had been through so so much, we all wanted him to at least be able to see that show.

    Gord, you’ll always be in my thoughts.


  16. thanks gord for having been part of my life. you were the way. you were the one.

  17. It was a great pleasure to have known you Gord High. Loveable since the beginning, thoroughly interesting throughout, and inspiring through the end and beyond. Rest in peace my friend.

    Love Shane

  18. I haven't seen Gord in many years but he made a lasting impression on me.

    Here is my favourite Gord memory, on Canada Day at a friend's cottage, a long time ago:

    Gord: Happy Canada Day, what'd you get me?
    Me: uhhhh..
    Gord: I got you a War Amps keytag with a chunk of hash stuck to it.

    Gord delivered the yuks, he never dicked around, and was very sweet and generous. He was inspiring and unforgettable.