Saturday, November 26, 2011

slow going.

There are very small improvements day by day - the Dr said it was good, better than his condition worsening & that they'll take any little bits of progress they can get.

His diarrhea is still a big problem. Luckily, the amount seems to be lessening. They will keep on with the steroid combo they're currently giving him and if in a couple of days things don't improve further, they will proceed with something called Campath which, we've been told, is very effective as a way of treating Graft vs Host, but comes with it's own serious side effects & risks - the big one being that it will make Gord even *more* susceptible to serious infection.

He's still very weak - physiotherapy comes to do some exercises with him but he has not been out of bed for about a week and a half now. He gets all of his nutrition from a fancy bag of... I don't know what - it's just referred to as 'nutrition' and runs through his IV. He sleeps for most of the time that I'm there with him (I visit from around 10-5, usually). The past couple of days he has been a little bit chatty for short periods of time, usually talking about food. Doubles, bagels, pizza, California sandwiches, Niagara fruit. When he waxes poetic about this stuff is when I know he is still Gord - my Gord, *our* Gord.


  1. I miss him so much. So grateful to have you supporting him and updating this blog. Thanks Nicky.

  2. Hey Nicole,

    lemme know what to cook for the lad. Whats he cryin' out for? Cooking for others is a major part of my repertoire, so just say the word and I'll get it going. Still trying to beat this cold, send him out some dubble trubble vibes. Talked to Val at riders, he is thinking of G too.

  3. Thanks guys - I know he misses you guys too!
    Murph - he really can't eat anything. He's on a mega strict diet (breakfast, lunch & dinner is a little cup of special juice & a weird jello thing. He doesn't eat it). I know he'll be jonesing for something delicious when he's able to eat again.